Michael Kendall

Michael joined Wheeler Kearns in 2013 as an Intern Architect. Michael has worked on several residential and commercial projects, including Chicago’s first transit oriented development at 1611 W Division.

He received his Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his Masters of Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During his studies, Michael was a Teaching Assistant for Building Technologies, teaching material systems and methods of detailing within design. He also worked in the digital fabrication lab where he assisted students with laser cutting and 3D printing technologies.

For his Thesis titled “Flipping Landscapes,” Michael researched the typical American suburb to identify methods of applying variables that make each home unique as a means to understand identity within the suburb. Rather than varying many elements slightly from house to house, “Flipping Landscapes” alters one single component, the landscape, to produce a home’s identity. Through this shift, the design of each house is identical, but the landscape is freed to become an element of radical difference.

Michael’s work has received significant recognition including the spring 2011 Edward C Earl Prize at UIUC, the 2013 Alumni Choice Award for continuing students and the 2014 Schiff Hardin Award at UIC. He was also one of five students nominated for the 2013 Chicago Prize. Throughout college he participated in several architectural competitions through various organizations such as EVOLO and suckerPUNCH.

Michael is currently working towards becoming a licensed architect.

2013                     . Masters of Architectural Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
2011 Bachelors of Science Architectural Studies (BSAS), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Professional Experience
2014-present Wheeler Kearns Architects, Chicago, Project Architect
2013-2014 Wheeler Kearns Architects, Chicago, Intern Architect
2014 Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois at Chicago
2012-2013 Digital Fabrication Lab Assistant, UIC School of Design