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Bosworth Townhomes

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Bosworth Townhomes re-examine the townhouse typology with two distinct exterior expressions; one that relates to public and scale of the neighborhood, and the other that provides a more intimate, private experience for its residents and guests.

Beyond a new tree-lined streetscape, the public face unifies the individual homes though a continuous concrete base and textured metal cladding. A band of clerestory windows connect the concrete to the ribbed panels, and bring light in to the first floor while maintaining visual privacy from the street. Varying punched windows above nod to the scale and texture of the predominantly masonry structures and openings in the neighborhood.

The continuous concrete base steps out of character to signify the entry, lifting to form a portal that leads to the heart of the project – a private, light-filled courtyard and each resident’s front door.

Residents and guests enter through the secure entry portal and encounter a broad stair that leads to an unexpected exterior courtyard of light, reflectivity, and landscape. Its defining walls, clad in large scale polished porcelain panels, reflect the sun and movement of trees across its surfaces. Each residence is accessed through a private yard defined by metal framing infilled with translucent panels active with shadows and traces of landscape, providing privacy yet a sense of expansiveness. Contrasting with the light and reflective surfaces, permeable brick pavers provide texture to the surface of the elevated court, out of which birch trees and flowers emerge.

Interior spaces aim to reinforce the sense of extended openness that is found on the primary living floor of each residence, an openness that is rarely, if ever, found in townhomes. Designed to minimize visual clutter, the palette is bright and neutral, so to foreground the inhabitants and their belongings.