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Granor Greenhouse

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An inventively programmed, multi-functional glass structure that serves as a teaching tool, social condenser, and farm production.

Located on the first certified organic vegetable farm in Southwest Michigan, Granor Greenhouse utilizes the highly customizable Dutch Venlo greenhouse kit-of-parts system and organizes its diverse programming into three zones. In the central zone, designed for maximum program flexibility, clear glass provides unencumbered views out to the fields and sky above. In the eastern and western zones, which include an experimental garden and space for production seedling/germination, translucent glass and automated venting provides the ideal growing environment. All access doors are painted “Farmall” red, a visual tie to the other buildings on the farm.

In the center zone, Granor’s expansive kitchen supports a food and bakery production made from ingredients grown on the farm. This capacity will serve Granor’s highly successful farm dinners that incorporates movable furniture and a durable polished concrete floor, allowing the space to easily transform from a production facility to a place for community and dining. Two wood-clad volumes are inserted to provide separation between the zones, housing functions such as the kitchen, pantry, office, and “mudroom”/washrooms. The visual warmth of vertical Douglas Fir slats (screening acoustical absorption) complements and softens the stainless-steel commercial kitchen, galvanized steel structure, and surrounding glass elements.

Lighting Design: Lux Populi
Landscape Architect: McKay Landscape Architects
Structural Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates
Mechanical Design: Mansfield Engineering
MEP Permit Drawings: Building Engineering Systems
Photography: Steve Hall, Tom Harris, and Ross Feighery Photography