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Milwaukee Belden T.O.D.

The project includes two new mid-rise apartment buildings located just steps away from the CTA’s California Blue Line Station in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The challenging ‘flattened bowtie’ site benefits from having major presence on Milwaukee Avenue, with two corners to “anchor.”

Using Transit Oriented Design (T.O.D.) principles, the project sought to responsibly increase density, diversify available housing types in the neighborhood, and reduce parking loads while encouraging the use of bicycles and public transit.

The complementary buildings are seen as two unique characters, purposely varied in height and massing. One expresses verticality to visually anchor the main intersection to the north. The other directionally focuses toward the loop, indicating the projects relationship to downtown and the predominant view corridor. The mid-rise buildings visually serve as a landmark, similar to other buildings within the city at six-corner intersections, including the Coyote building at North and Damen.

The emotional center of the project is the public plaza space between the two buildings, offered as an extension of the sidewalk. This space counters the hard surfaces along the urban thoroughfare and activates the street experience with natural textures and materials. An acoustically absorbing gabion wall and a stand of trees links the buildings with a green edge and perimeter wood seating. Monolithic boulders are placed compositionally to give a natural focal point to the space.

General Contractor: Power Construction
Structural Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates
Landscape Architect: McKay Landscape Architects
MEP Engineer: WMA Consulting Engineers, LTD.
Civil Engineer: Eriksson Engineering Associates, LTD.
Lobby Interiors: Wheeler Kearns Architects (Sharlene Young, founder of Symbiotic Living)
Tom Rossiter