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This two-story residential unit on the 35th floor of a high rise in Chicago’s near-west side has unique views of the skyline and horizon line. Due East, foreground views of Chicago’s skyline. Due North and West, unobstructed views extending beyond the city limits to the horizon line.

A single four-foot diameter concrete column supporting the building’s most prominent feature, the rooftop canopy, bisects the interior into two double-height volumes. Two different ceiling elements, an additive wood plane and a subtractive volume, reinforce the two zones delineated by the building column.

A two-story millwork wall along the east edge of the residence conceals existing equipment on the building’s perimeter. Portals within the millwork wall provide selective views of the skyline, and the illusion that the skyline is present in the foreground as artwork within the interior spaces.

General Contractor: Centaur Construction
Interior Design:
Patrick Di Michele
Photography: Steve Hall – Hedrich Blessing