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Ogden Dunes

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The project is located within a hilly dune landscape along Lake Michigan. The site borders a public beach access path to the north that allows the otherwise narrow lot to open up to more expansive views to the lake.

Using a series of L-shaped stucco walls in a staggered configuration, privacy from the public path is defined allowing the southern face to open up to a private courtyard that the living spaces pinwheel around and receive natural light from.

The walls function as insulated radiant masses that maintain even temperature and humidity throughout the house and minimize diurnal swings. A geothermal well field and heat pumps were employed to heat and cool the air and radiant systems delivered to the house. Native plantings and permeable landscape pavers and material prevent storm water run-off and erosion allowing the entire site to freely drain.

General Contractor: Pivotal Custom, Inc.
Photography: Steve Hall – Hedrich Blessing