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New Buffalo 1

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Located in southwestern Michigan, this two-story family retreat was conceived of as a series of prismatic volumes recalling traditional archetypes. The volumes are configured on the site to create distinct surrounding outdoor spaces. Connections between the volumes are purposefully discreet, promoting the perception of independent buildings in the landscape. Rigorous modern notions of rhythm and detailing are combined with vernacular language to produce a nuanced, multivalent understanding of “home.”

Interiors are intentionally left casual, with concrete floors & pickled wood finishes. The light, muted palette of the house is juxtaposed with moments of intense color and texture via furnishings and millwork components. Children’s notions of adventure are satisfied with sleeping lofts, secret bedrooms, and a “tree-house” atop a freestanding two-story structure that anchors the corner of the formal lawn. This same structure also houses pool equipment, a potting shed, and acts as a Chinese lantern, glowing in the evening landscape.

Construction: Great Lakes Builders
Landscape Architect: Kettlekamp & Kettlecamp
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti
Photography: Christopher Barrett (with Hedrich Blessing) and Bruce Van Inwegen