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Murphy Grove Retreat

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This weekend house for a Chicago family of four was built on a relatively small wooded lot that is dominated by a large oak tree in the center. The selected site diagram preserved the tree and used it as a focal point for all the public spaces. The shed roof inflects to the center of the lot, creating an open court for summer outdoor enjoyment, while minimizing the volume of the building when viewed from neighboring properties.

Interior finishes are chosen to offer a light and casual feel in keeping with a weekend house in the country. The large great room incorporates kitchen, living and dining functions. The shed roof affords for sleeping lofts over the bedroom wing hallway, allowing a number of overnight guests in an otherwise small house.

Particular attention is paid to outdoor spaces and to the connection of the indoors to the outdoors, with the intent to create a relaxing place for this family to emotionally recharge.

General Contractor: Great Lake Builders
Photography: Evan Thomas – Studio Thomas