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Two opposing U-shaped masonry walls enclose a new three-story residence in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. In contrast to neighboring buildings, the rear and front entries are quietly introduced into the day lit slots between the nesting walls, leaving only sun-bleached teak windows to mark the facades.

The northern wall encircles intimate single-height spaces while its counterpart encloses double height social spaces to the south. The open plan of the first floor affords ample light to all interior spaces. The upper floors accommodate four bedrooms which surround a day lit open stair.

The kitchen and family room open directly onto the raised rear yard and exterior dining space. The rear garden extends as it terraces up and over the suppressed garage. A concrete retaining wall returns into the garden and culminates in a rudimentary fireplace, itself an extruded U-shape.

General Contractor: Norcon, Inc.
Interior Design: 
Arlene Semel and Associates
Photography: Barbara Karant