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Located in the penthouse restaurant of the former Mayfair Hotel, high above Lake Shore Drive, this residence for collectors is a collaboration of art, architecture and interior design.

The duplex penthouse has an open tee-shaped plan with distinct spaces that can transform and adapt to changing needs for privacy or openness, providing spaces both expansive and intimate.

On one axis, the entry door opens onto a central hall that is flanked on either side by the library and kitchen, and leads into the main salon and dining room that has sweeping views over Lake Michigan.  The second axis of the tee, houses the private spaces in a more densely programmed bar.   The roof terraces above are also scaled for both intimate and large gatherings, enjoying the unobstructed views of the city and lake shore.

General Contractor: Bulley & Andrews
Interior Design: Leslie Jones & Associates
Photography: Steve Hall – Hedrich Blessing