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Located on a rolling site in the Highlands neighborhood of Madison Wisconsin, this 4 bedroom single family residence is meant to recall the simple understated farmhouse architecture of the area, updated with contemporary spatial relationships.

The building site is limited but augmented by sweeping vistas across neighboring properties. The compact volume of the main house is combined with the garage and a stone retaining wall opposite to carve a level entry court and garden from the rolling terrain. The well tended southeast facing garden is hidden from street view and revealed as a welcoming surprise when approaching the entry. The east garage wall forms a backdrop to the garden and supports a trellis and arbor made of wood and steel that leads to the front door. A small screened and glazed porch adjacent provides a protected space for enjoyment of the garden during inclement weather.

Construction is conventional wood frame, cedar shiplap siding and simple durable finishes within. The first floor is essentially one large space accommodating living, dining and kitchen with open views. To maximize area, a walk out basement under the main house provides added living space with generous light and long range views to the north.

General Contractor: Yahara Builders
Photography: William Kildow