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Green Homes Competition

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Design Statement: The majority of the types of housing across all economic strata today are poorly programmed, poorly designed, and poorly constructed. Buildings which are dysfunctional and difficult to maintain quickly turn optimism into decay. Low cost housing eventually becomes high-cost and high-energy.

It is our hope to make something of lasting value. If the places we make are sensible and have integrity, there will be motivation to maintain them. If the buildings last, energy will be saved on many different levels.

We propose a simple, archetypal structure, designed for people. It has places for gathering and solitude. It can accept modifications readily. Natural light and breezes are drawn through the full length of the house. Built with readily available materials, it is detailed with an eye to the past, utilizing masonry lintels and opting for simple forms to shed water. It does, however, take advantage of new technology such as improved insulation, cavity wall ventilation, and rain water reuse for irrigation.

While not a landmark in terms of innovation, the combination of strategies employed on the house is unique. The house is not intended to be a revolutionary design, but rather a straightforward, responsible, and evolutionary design.