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A long sycamore wall establishes a datum along the southern edge of the north wing that the primary spaces register to. A portal within that wall, at the entry, frames a bronze fireplace volume and stone server that directs people to the northeast corner, where primary views exist.

Within the north wing, prismatic volumes enclose smaller rooms that are captured by stone floors. Each floor reflects two opposing ceiling conditions; a raised up-lit ceiling for entertaining and a lowered, more intimate, millwork ceiling for sleeping.

The building’s traditional radial corner was stripped of ornament, but used to rotate the space 90 degrees south to the formal dining room, terminating in an insular millwork wine room. The project presents a dialogue between a modern interior language and a very traditional shell. Formal axis, symmetry and balance are used as principals to transcend style and allow the two vocabularies to comfortably co-exist.

General Contractor: The Meyne Company
Photography: Steve Hall – Hedrich Blessing