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Within a landmark rowhouse in Chicago’s near north side, a three-story interior is transformed into museum quality simple modern spaces.

In order to establish the character for each of the three levels, each floor plane was rendered in a unique natural material.  The earthen lower level is a British Slate whose rich texture and cool colors compliment the existing Chicago common brick walls.  For the formal first floor, a quartersawn maple floor was laid between the existing plaster walls and for the private quarters of the third floor, a wool carpet woven in a sisal-like pattern was laid over a newly poured radiant floor topping.

Having been previously gutted in the 1970’s, the building’s only original details were casings and surrounds for the windows and doors.  These details of the original shell were painstakingly restored both as an homage to the original architecture as well as a visual counterpoint to the new interventions.

General Contractor: H&R Johnson Brothers
Photography: William Kildow