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Cleveland Street 1

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Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, this three-story single family residence was conceived as a courtyard house surrounding a south-facing raised stone patio. A landscaped rear yard, also raised to the level of the first floor, abuts a garage with a rooftop deck connected to the hard by a half flight of stairs.

The punched openings of the understated facade are repeated around the courtyard, allowing daylight to penetrate the surrounding rooms. The formal front wing accommodates the foyer and living room while informal rear wing houses the kitchen and family room. The center volume houses the formal dining room which is flanked to the north by a small landscaped court.

The textures of the molded clay brick, french limestone paving, hand seamed tin/zinc coated copper roofing, and scraped wood floors counter the machined quality of the neatly tailored steel window walls, flush sycamore cabinetry, and stone counters. The subdued tones of the exterior walls and the inset sloping roof belie the mass of the house from the street.

Interior Design: Leslie Jones & Associates
General Contractor: BGD&C
Photography: Barbara Karant