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  1. Once a month we gather in the conference room for what we have declared WKA University, or “WKA-U“.  It is an informal, internal platform for sharing knowledge about particular subjects, tools, processes, technologies, or anything that is relevant to our practice. Sometimes it is led by an outside guest, but most of the time it is led by a WKA team member. It always involves an informal setting, an open dialogue, and of course, delicious snacks.

09.04.15 — “Architectural Visualization using Unreal Engine 4,” Thomas Boyster

08.07.15 — “Introduction to Video Production for Marketing,” Josh Duensing, 80JD Productions

07.10.15 — “3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Revit 2016 updates,” Michael Kendall & Noah Luken

06.12.15 — “Contract Furniture, Open Plan “Desking” & “Benching” Systems,” Sharlene Young

05.08.15 — “InFocus Leveraging our Database,” Julie Wheeler & Jon Heinert

04.17.15 — “A Demonstration & Forum on Point Cloud Survey of Existing Buildings,” Joy Meek & Calli Verkamp

02.13.15 — “WKA Project Tour Wrap Up Session,” WKA Project Architects

12.05.14 — “A Guided Tour through InDesign Templates and Style Guides,” Danny Wicke

11.14.14 — “Part II: LEED v4 vs. LEED 2009: Evolving Standards for Sustainability,” Joy Meek & Noah Luken

10.03.14 — “Part I: LEED v4 vs. LEED 2009: Evolving Standards for Sustainability,” Joy Meek & Noah Luken

08.01.14 — “This isnt architecture so why as architects should we care?,” Tom Bader

06.06.14 — “Material Matters: The Tactile Steel, Stairways to Heaven,” Mark Weber

05.02.14 — “FF&E 101: Contract Furniture Overview,” Sharlene Young

03.07.14 — “Energy Modeling: Sefaira for Revit,” Larry Kearns

02.07.14 — “Revit Round Table, Lessons Learned,” Tom Bader

01.03.14 — “A Primer on Contemporary Education,” Larry Kearns

12.06.13 — “Lighting Design: Visual Software,” Amy Schweig, KSA Lighting

11.01.13 — “Revit Round Table, Intelligent Revit Objects for Energy Modeling and BSD,” Jon Heinert

10.01.13 — “Sound, Hearing and the Built Environment: Listening for Better Architecture,” Carl Giegold, Threshold Acoustics

09.03.13 — “Conceptual Drawings as a Communication Tool to Our Clients,” Dan Wheeler

07.19.13 — “3D Printing: Makerbot Overview,” Noah Luken

06.07.13 — “Mind Mapping,” Larry Kearns

05.03.13 — “Today’s Rules: City of Chicago Self Cert. Permit,” Jon Heinert