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Astor 1

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The expansive 15th floor view is the architectural focus for this project.  Sandwiched between a concrete floor and an 8 ft high concrete ceiling, the prior floor plan of compartmentalized rooms accentuated the compacted feeling.  The new open plan removes obstructions and condenses the private areas around the existing building core.

The main space is bound on one side by an 80 foot long wood paneled storage wall and the perimeter exterior window wall with continuous seating ledge.  Pocketed doors provide privacy for the Primary Bedroom, when required, but fold into the wall and disappear during the day.  A neutral color palette reinforces the singular volume. Lighting along the paneled wall leads the eye to the view and illuminates the display of art.

General Contractor: The Kissner Company
Interior Design: Leslie Jones & Associates
Photography: Steve Hall – Hedrich Blessing