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Studio V

The former Krause Music Store with its landmarked facade, Louis Sullivan’s last architectural project, now houses a marketing and communications office. The adaptive reuse of the building consists of maintaining a zone behind the facade as a buffer between city street and office. The depth of this zone is echoed by repetitive scrims that establish a succession of spaces that carry from storefront to garden.

The fabric scrims, separated by a dimension equal to the depth of the display window, provide a means to organize spaces of various size and function as well as provide visual privacy from the street for the office while maintaining visual connection among colleagues.

A new rear bay window with proportions echoing the opening in the Sullivan facade opens onto the contemplative rear garden.

Interiors: Wheeler Kearns Architects (Sharlene Young, founder of Symbiotic Living)
Facade Restoration: Mcguire Igleski & Associates
Construction: Goldberg General Contracting
Photography: Steve Hall / Hedrich Blessing