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Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church requested proposals for architectural services for conceptual master-planning and schematic design for expanding their campus. After decades of growth, capital campaigns and construction, they found their current home to be poorly organized, with tortured circulation and lacking an architectural center of gravity. While each building element constructed over the years was located pragmatically in terms of land usage, well-built of materials consistent with its neighbors and of similar architectural language, the sum of the parts was not cohesive. The congregation’s goal is to renovate and expand their facility in order to build community within their congregation, attract new families, and upgrade their facilities to support their ministries and outreach mission.

WKA’s objective is not to redefine their image, but to find a simple solution to unite their campus, and their congregation, around a big idea. Rather than adding another “part”, we strive to cultivate their already established architectural language to create a new entry, a social center with intuitive circulation around a currently hidden inner courtyard.